Turners Syndrome:

Juan Dasso
Period 3
Turner syndrome

Turner syndrome is a medical condition in which only girls/women can have which leads to these physical features webbing of the neck, short stature, delayed growth of the skeleton, broad chest, also they are usually infertile. This syndrome can lead to heart defects and certain learning disabilities such as mathematics and memory. The chance of a female receiving this syndrome is 1 girl out of 2,500-3,000 girls born.

Turner disease is a chromosome disorder in females that is because of the absence of all or part of a second sex chromosome in some or all cells. There was unequal distribution of the chromosome during meiosis. In a much simpler way its when a girl or women only have a missing or incomplete sex chromosome. For example a normal girl has two x chromosomes (xx) a girl with turner syndrome has only one chromosome or an incomplete chromosome (x)or(x/). This syndrome is a biological accident in which we still don’t know the reason to it. This is not a genetically syndrome meaning that the parents are not responsible for it and they cant do anything to prevent it.turner_syndrome-1929.gif

A limitation with turner syndrome is that because it is caused by a chromosome abnormality there is no specific cure. This is a huge limitation of having Turner’s syndrome because once you have it you can’t take it away. There are many tests being done to find a cure to chromosome abnormalities but unfortunately their still haven’t found one.

Another limitation with turner syndrome is that women with turners syndrome cant have babies because they are infertile. This is because when a female has Turner’s syndrome they experience a different and much less puberty changes than normal females especially having to do with their reproductive organs. This again is a huge limitation because these females can’t reproduce because they don’t have proper ovarian development. There has been a cure to this, which is called estrogen replacement. What estrogen replacement does is that it reproduces enough estrogen to level up the amount of a normal person. It is a very good cure and it all depends which type of estrogen replacement you take which affects the cost. See the table below. But like al cures it has its down side these cure increases the risk of a female having breast cancer, strokes, and heart attacks.

Screen_Shot_2012-03-08_at_10.57.09_AM.pngA benefit of
the curing of turner syndrome is that because turner’s causes women to be short there are cures for that which iscalled growth hormone treatment. Growth ho
rmone is a protein hormone of about 190 amino acids Growth hormone treatment is a therapy in which the patient has to go to doctor’s office to get their hormones injected. This therapy is very successful but very slow. Another problem with this therapy is that it is very expensive. For example to grow 2 inches its takes about five years and cost about $100,00.

Another benefit is that there is another treatment for Turner syndrome, which is estrogen replacement, which helps the girl develop the physical changes of puberty, including breast development and menstrual periods. This treatment is often started when a girl reaches about age 12 or 13. Estrogen replacement is a treatment in which the estrogen levels inside a women’s body are raised because they don’t have any or because they are missing. This treatment helps a women as said above develop breast development menstrual periods and develop puberty and at the same time it helps prevent colon cancer.

Turner syndrome interacts socially and economically. Turner syndrome interacts socially by well its very basic as due to having turner syndrome female’s endure physical changes, which can affect their social life greatly. For example one of the physical changes is that a female with turner syndrome is their unfertile meaning they cant have children. This is a very big deal because one there is no cure to it yet and two if the female would like to start a real family she wont be able to have her own kids but may take the chance to adopt but its not the same and may affect the relationship she has with a male. Another way in how turner syndrome interacts socially is by a female with this syndrome they have trouble with memory and in learning math meaning that when the female is in school she will have to spend more time studying than a normal student affecting her social life. For example here are some quotes form sains story of how she lives with turner syndrome: “Practically I am five foot tall (my sisters are 5’10") which can affect people's perceptions of me at times. Knowing I am infertile has meant I have found fulfillment in other areas of my life. I also have felt not a desirable woman to men so have not started dating until recently.”
Turner syndrome also interacts economically. This syndrome does not have one clear cure to it yet but as a female has this syndrome it causes different physical changes which some of those do have cures. The only problem is that the cures to some of the physical changes cost a lot of money. For example a female with turners syndrome is common to have short stature but there is something called growth hormones, which are injected to person, and helps them grow but this treatment costs about $100,000 just to grow 2 inches more in a five-year therapy. Another way it interacts economically is by another cure to one of its physical changes is by estrogen replacement. There are many ways in which a female can receive this therapy and their prices range look at the chart below

Additional information:
There are a lot of researches going on right know on Turners syndrome so that these unlike females can have a normal life. The problem with this syndrome is
that because it is not a genetically dieses and it is a biological accident it is very difficult to find how this has occurred and how to stop it. Just incase other symptoms of this syndrome are:An especially wide neck (webbed neck) and a low or indistinct hairline.
A broad chest and widely spaced nipples.
Arms that turn out slightly at the elbow. 
A heart murmur, sometimes associated with narrowing of the aorta (blood vessel exiting the heart). 
A tendency to develop high blood pressure (so this should be checked regularly). 
Minor eye problems that are corrected by glasses. 
scoliosis(deformity of the spine) occurs in 10 percent of adolescent girls who have Turner syndrome. 
The thyroid gland becomes under-active in about 10 percent of women who have Turner syndrome. Regular blood tests are necessary to detect it early and if necessary treat with thyroidreplacement. 
Older or over-weight women with Turner syndrome are slightly more at risk of developing diabetes. 
osteoporosis can develop because of a lack of estrogen, but this can largely be prevented by taking hormone replacement therapy.


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