Jacob Syndrome:

What is Jacob's Syndrome?

Jacob’s Syndrome, also known as “super male” syndrome, is a rare genetic condition that males have in the presence of an extra Y chromosome. Some of the symptoms of this disease are learning disabilities at school, delayed emotional maturity, swollen joint, joint stiffness, impaired joint mobility and chest pain (RightDiagnosis). Furthermore, most males with the Jacob’s Syndrome are also physically characterized by being tall, thin and having severe acne. Also, most males with condition can be known for having an aggressive nature.

How does it occur?
Jacob’s Syndrome is a chromosomal disorder. It is caused by the existence of an extra Y chromosome. Most males usually have one X and one Y chromosome (XY) (MamasHealth). However, males with Jacob’s syndrome have one X and two Y-chromosomes (XYY) (MamasHealth). This genetic condition occurs when a male inherits two Y-chromosomes from his father instead of one, but the exact cause for this abnormality is yet to be found. The chromosomes of a male who has the XYY syndrome is shown below (Healthline):


Benefits & Limitations:
Benefits:Almost all genetic diseases have no benefits. Most only have negative impacts on aperson. However, even though Jacob’s Syndrome has more negative impacts on a person that positive ones, the fact that it does not increase the risk of developing additional diseases is most definitely a benefit (MamasHealth). Moreover, Jacob’s Syndrome does not shorten a person’s life span, and this unfortunately happens to be the case for many other genetic diseases. It is safe to say that Jacob’s Syndrome is one of the least severe genetic syndromes. Also, the fact that it is very rare could be considered as a benefit. Only one in two thousand people obtain this syndrome and though the impacts on aspects as important as learning may be interfered, it doesn’t mean they can’t be overcome.
Limitations:The most significant limitation that Jacob’s Syndrome causes is the learning disabilities. It causes the boys who obtain it to have learning problems at school such as trouble reading and speech problems. These reading and speech problems
Acne-cystic-on-the-face.jpgare mostly caused by the fact that most males with Jacob's Syndrome have a hard time being able to fully focus and pay attention. Another limitation that Jacob’s Syndrome brings is delayed maturity and this can have some impacts on a person’s life socially. Moreover, limitations such as severe acne can impact a male's self-esteem more than anything else. There have been cases where 40-year-old males with Jacob's Syndrome still suffer because of sever acne. Even though this may be one big limitation it is not as significant as the first ones mentioned above because with treatment and though inconvenient, they don’t have a significant influence on the males health and that is what is most important.

One-World Factors:
SocialThere are many social implications that Jacob's Syndrome can have on a male’s life. First of all, delayed emotional maturity might have a significant impact on a male’s social life. Even though they are not amongst the worst implications that some genetic diseases can have on people, they are still relevant. Being immature can have some consequences such as having trouble "fitting in" and that is why it is important that the parents of a child with Jacob's Syndrome work with their child to overcome challenges such as these. Jacob's Syndrome also causes people to become more aggressive. This may also have a very serious social implication. If a person is very aggressive and does not know how to control it, then they might get into a lot of fights and into a lot of trouble. Therefore, that is why it is important that people who have Jacob's Syndrome have some sort of treatment, even if it is not professional, in order to be able to learn how to control themselves and not have as many unnecessary conflicts. Furthermore, people who have learning difficulties often have trouble being accepted at school. Depending on how serious this males learning difficulties and what academic atmosphere they are in the social implications may be different. Some males might be made fun of because of this limitation, while others might be in a very supportive community where having learning difficulties won't be such a social issue.
EconomicThe main economic factor that can be related not only to Jacob's Syndrome, but also any other genetic disease is the fact that the only way to know for sure what disorder a person has they must be genetically tested and that is an extremely expensive test (iHealth). Most males who have syndromes such as Jacob's Syndrome go through life without necessarily knowing they have it. The fact that this test is so technological and expensive is very unfortunate because it means that many people won't be able to get a definite diagnostic and therefore, probably not the necessary treatment either. Also, the "treatment" needed for Jacob's Syndrome is not extremely expensive when compared to some other genetic diseases because it does cause any major health issues. For example, the price for the cream needed to treat acne does not compare to the cost of a surgery caused by another disease. However, things such as therapy for symptoms such as aggressiveness may be very expensive as well depending on the family’s economical status.


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