Color blindness is a genetic sickness comes from older generation; it makes people to have decreased ability to see color. Color blindness does not contain actual blindness, instead it causes perceive color differences, under lighting conditions, when color vision is not normally impaired. Color blindness is a sex linked condition. Most of the time color blindness occurs in X chromosomes because the genes that produce photo pigments are carried on them. When these genes are damaged or missing it will cause color blindness. There is high probability for males to have color blindness then women because males only have one X chromosomes. Female has two X chromosomes, and they only need one of it to fully function in order to yield the needed photo pigments. Photo pigments are located on back of the eye, they absorb lights and break it down to colors and impulse it to the brain. In the case of color blindness even the photo pigments absorb the light; they cannot break it down to different colors. So whatever brain gets from photo pigments it would be black and white.(2)

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Main reason of color blindness is genetic defect. It is known that genetically defective gene is carried inside X chromosomes, which makes males more vulnerable to the sickness. There are so many different types of color blindness. One of the most common ones is green-red color blindness. Its sex linked, and it affects more males (XY) then female (XX), because the genes that causes green-red color blindness are located on X chromosomes, which males has one and females has two.(1).(3)

To see where it started you have to look at the older generation. It starts from the male who probably is a carrier of heterozygote, then when that males has a daughter, there is a high probability she will be a carrier for green-red color blindness. Since a female has 2 X genes she won’t suffer the sickness. Instead when she has a child, there is a chance that one of her son will suffer green-red sickness.(2)

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1. Better detecting camouflage
Color blinded people has better chance detecting camouflaged insects, due to their different view of color any types of camouflage often doesn't works for these people. It's also a fact that , during WWII lot's of color blinded soldiers were often used as scout or spy, because they had better chance of detecting enemy artillery and tanks. Sometimes the color we see that distract up from hard to see and notices textures surfaces that is difficult to differentiate such as grey and black color is easily seen by color blinded people.

2. Not a serious sickness
People does not have any bigger issues with this sickness. If they can only adapt to the different vision they are seeing, they will have no trouble living as other normal poeple. There is no cure for this sickness. No economic spend is required for this sickness. There is no special school or community for colorblindness people.


1. School

It could be challenging for color blinded students to choose the right color. When student is in primary school, lot's of activities involves coloring, painting, and art, expressing their views of world involving in various types of art activities. This kind of children often gets psycollogycally damaged, because they get mocked by friends and teachers. They often color ocean with purple in, or sky with grey ink. It's very neccesary for parents and teachers to understand this kind of cases and prevent them from color blind children gettng self esteem.(6)

2. Traffic Light

One of the hardship color blinded people has is traffic light. They often can not differentiate the difference between red stop sign and green go sign. These days they have modern LED traffic light which helps color blinded people to differentiate much more easier, but those old light bubled traffic lights are diifficult for them to identify.(6)

3. Sunburn

Color blinded people often suffers skin cancer. They cant see their skin getting burned red while they are in beach. It's very neccesary to use lots of suncream for them. Also they need at least one company to inform them and prevent them from any injuries.(6)

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Symptoms may show in many different way depends on the carrier. Some of the basic symptoms are....

1. Trouble seeing color and the brightness colors in usual way.

2. Lose the ability to compare or contrast the difference in shades on colors.

3. when looking at red and green at the same time, one of the color will seem to be above the another.

Often, the carrier won’t realize that he or she is suffering color blindness. Usually parents notice is first when their children start to learn their own color or you go to clinic and eye specialist can tell you about your sickness. This is a lifelong sickness so, most of the people can live without any trouble.(4)


There is no treatment for this sickness, instead we have special glasses or contact lenses that may help this people to differentiate different colors much easier.


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